Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meeting the family...

I don't have a lot of time but just want to give a quick update on last week:

The daughter & son officially met the babe; good conversation, good food and a good time. I'm sure there are still mountains to climb but we've at least started the path...

I met more of his family yesterday & he is meeting a couple more of my family today...

I like the way things are moving and feel like the luckiest man on earth!

Maybe I'll post more later, like when I manage to wipe the stupid grin off my face!! :-)
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  1. I am glad that the meetings are going so well! I am always glad to hear about smiles that can't be wiped off!!! We need more of those.

  2. Nice. Still excited for you, even though I got your text last week. Probably couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It's all pork chops and applesauce for you PL!