Sunday, September 26, 2010

Discoveries and give my regards to DI

I haven't posted in almost 1 month...

It is not that I don't want to or have anything useful to post about but work has been hellish and I disconnected my  home internet only to realize that something else had to give to save money, so I'm back online--Facebooking on my phone is just not the same!!:-)

I've also been busy keeping up with the teenagers, back in school and of course--the babe---interesting things happened there, he had a close relative in the hospital and was under a lot of stress so it was hard to watch him from afar but one one of the evenings I got to meet his mom and his sister (I didn't even have time to freak out since it was all so sudden). His crisis have passed but there were a couple of very scary days for him and his family.

A couple of days after this my mother called me--I'm normally the one to call--and what I thought was a usual Saturday chat was anything but. She had been sick for a couple of days and proceeded to tell me that it was time to set her affairs in order---hearing this made my heart sink--I asked her what was she talking about? She said, that she'd been sick and was realizing that she wasn't going to live forever so she wanted to start fixing her affairs... by this time I was sobbing hysterically, she said that she has been sick off & on, doctors can't quite figure out what's going on, but she suspects this is not the best of news. When I managed to compose myself--of course not knowing what's the situation she told me about a storage unit in Provo that she had been paying for all this years and wanted to get it cleaned/cleared, since she has no idea if she might make it back from Texas to clean it herself. I told her I'd do whatever I could and I spent the next day or so scared out of my mind and thinking the worst. She calls me again the next day in the evening and tells me that she's feeling better and thinking that she may have scared me---really mother? really?

Anyway so I I've been keeping busy cleaning that. I'm not going to lie, watching my parent's entire life stashed into a 5X5 unit has been hard. I've sorted through a lot of family heirlooms, photos and documents and it has been very emotional. One minute I'm laughing and the next minute I'm sobbing, but I managed to empty it out much sooner than I anticipated. I have a couple of plastic totes full of pictures and documents to sort through and for a bit my place looked like an episode of Hoarders, Buried Alive, then I had the epiphany to just chuck everything I thought could go to DI and four trips later I cleaned most of the stuff out. Still I've made some interesting discoveries though and since I'm the one who cleaned the stuff I figured I get first dibs on stuff I wanted! :-) For instance, I found a box full of bed linens, all white, beautiful pillow covers and bedding which I proceeded to wash and I even ironed!!!

 Yes friends, my gay card was promptly delivered by the UPS guy right after I was done ironing the lacy details on the pillows, the babe laughed so hard and hugged me when he saw this, I think I saw a tear out of the corner of his eye!!! And of course the dog proceeded to declare my bed his new nest and kingdom!

BUT THE BIGGEST DISCOVERY of all was to realize that my mom and I have more things in common than we even realize: 


he, he, he...I'm not keeping those, just been fixing some chipped parts and I'm going to have to figure out a way to get them to her--these are her pride and most priceless possessions, or maybe my sisters want them I don't know, but boy have I had fun (and lots of therapy!) doing this!!!!