Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miss me already? :-)

OK so I thought things over and I have found blogging to be therapeutic in many ways. I am not ready to give it up and let's face it, costs a lot less than a session with the shrink!! But I also don't want to talk only about gay stuff,  I think that is what limits my ideas and I'm just going to integrate my life into one whole blog. I used to have an old blog from "back when life wasn't as complicated"--not really it has always been complicated, I was posting things there and then stopped pretty much when this blog was born, so I resurrected it, I have done a couple of postings from there and just come out altogether, no more having double accounts for email and stuff. So here it is:

I have posted a link off my Facebook profile but I am not going to announce it to anyone, I'll just let people find their way into it and catch up with my regular life and just let things evolve naturally. I suppose it is OK to link my new blog from the Moho Directory since I have a link there so free to update your links as well.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep going! Does that sound like a happy medium? :-)


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  1. I've added this other blog to the MoHo Directory. I'll leave this "Public Loneliness" blog in the list as well - if you no longer post to it then it will just naturally drift to the bottom of the list, but will still be available for others to find and read.